Dryer vent Installation

Dryer vent InstallationOftentimes builders make the closet or laundry space too small to fit the clothes dryer properly. That results in installers or owners pushing the dryer back too close to the wall, then causing the vent connection hose to get crushed, resulting in reduced or no airflow and dryer vent installation issues. Be sure that the connection hose behind your dryer isn’t compromised by getting crushed or damaged, it’s a serious fire hazard! I’ve seen where a brand new dryer was installed and it caught on fire in only 1 week!

Another issue is when roofers cover the existing vent hole when a new roof is installed. Aside from that, oftentimes roofing material is accidentally scooped into the dryer vent when they are scraping off the old roof. Sometimes they forget to remove the critter screen. It’s actually against the Florida building code to have a screen over a dryer exhaust vent. That should only be left in when using the vent for bathroom or kitchen exhaust applications.
You should always have your dryer vent cleaned and inspected after a new roof is installed.