Our standard Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

dryer vent lint
  • Locate the dryer and vent exhaust
  • Remove hardened lint from the exterior vent
  • Vacuum inside, under, and around the dryer
  • We clean out those 'hard to reach' areas of your dryer cavity that are often forgotten or unseen
  • Then we proceed to the lint removal process for the vent pipe with our specialized tools
  • When the pipe is cleared of lint and obstruction, we reattach the dryer to the vent pipe, making sure that the correct material and length are used
  • After everything is in place, we run the dryer to check for proper heat and airflow

Additional Dryer Vent Services When Needed

broken dryer vent
replace dryer vent
  • Replace connection tube
  • Modify pipe or wall for efficiency
  • Attaching pipework in attic that may have come loose with age or improper installation.
  • Replacing or installing vent pipe
  • Mobile home exhaust pipe installation.

Bird and Wasp
Nest Removal

bird nest
wasp nest
We also remove wasp and bird nests from dryer vent systems.
Whatever your dryer vent needs for improved airflow, we're here to help.