Commercial dryer vent cleaning
Commercial dryer vent cleaning

Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning by AMEROVENT

Over 20 Years of Experience in Dryer Vent Cleaning!

Let the Professionals clean YOUR dryer vent!

  • Over 30,000 dryer vents cleaned

  • Locally established in 2003

  • We service government, commercial, and residential dryer vents

  • We've cleaned the dryer vents for the Fire Departments and Hospitals in Lee County for the past 20+ years, as well as Laundromats and Hotels across Florida.

  • Military, Police, Fire Dept, EMS and School Teacher discounts on dryer vent services (we wouldn't have the previous 4 without the 5th)

  • Serving Charlotte County, Lee County, and Collier County clothes dryer ducts

We are often called out to remove the lint buildup from the dryer vent systems in multi-level buildings. We have the ability to clean any dryer vent in any type of building. We offer multi-unit discounts that will greatly reduce the cost if we schedule several units, or a full day, in the same building or neighborhood (applies to all residential).

You may request a certificate of insurance from GFI.

Most of our days are filled cleaning the dryer vents of single family homes, or attached villas. Every home that has a dryer vent, needs to have it cleaned out from time to time. Our recommendation ‚Äčis as follows: one or two people, every 2-3 years should be sufficient. three or more people, every 1-2 years is usually ok. If there are pets that shed, or young children in the home, then the vents should be cleaned every year. The reason is because animal fur clings to the moist lint in the dryer vent and will cause it to clog much faster. And having Children in the home causes faster clogging due to the new clothing releasing more lint, and the excessive machine use.

Cape Coral 33914 1-story home dryer vent cleaning
Cape Coral 33914 1-story home dryer vent cleaning
Condominium dryer vent cleaning 33957
Condominium dryer vent cleaning 33957
Commercial dryer vent cleaning Fort Myers 33908
Commercial dryer vent cleaning Fort Myers 33908

Commercial dryer duct cleaning projects are usually the most intensive, they require special tools and knowledge. Knowledge that we've gained over the last decade, in order to provide a proper, and thorough, vent system clean out. The commercial laundries usually have extra large dryers, and vent systems, that we are familiar with, and have the tools to clean. We service Hotels, Pet Hospitals, Salons, Gyms, Laundromats, and Hospitals.

We accept towel donations for CROW, and other animal hospitals in the area.

Animal hospital dryer vent cleaningAnimal hospital dryer vent cleaning

We clean residential and commercial dryer vents

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